Rhythm in the Kitchen

Rhythm 4: Up Against the Wall

The Fourth Annual "Rhythm in the Kitchen" Festival

artistic directors-William Hooker and Bob Kalin

Thursday, April 2 - Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Hell's Kitchen Cultural Center, Inc. proudly presents the fourth edition of its "Rhythm in the Kitchen" Music Festival at the Church For All Nations in Hell's Kitchen on West 57th Street.

The "Rhythm in the Kitchen" Music Festival continues to present a diverse and impressive array of innovative and creative music. The festival features such outstanding artists as Joe McPhee, Bern Nix, Kyoko Kitamura, Connie Crothers, William Hooker, DJ Olive, Michael Marcus, Ted Daniel, Amanda Monaco, Andre Martinez, Darius Jones, Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil, Andrea Wolper, Matt Lavelle, Francois Grillot, Angelica Sanchez, and Tony Malaby.

This year, before the start of each evening's 8:00 PM sets, a selected and different panel of artists will explore the topic: "Up Against the Wall: What do Artists do in a Transitional Time?" as well as Anthony Braxton's statement: "The challenge of creative music has never been more important than in periods of profound unrest and realignment." The three half hour discussions at 7:30 PM will be hosted by music notables Mitch Goldman of Columbia University's WKCR-FM Radio, critics/writers Kurt Gottschalk, and Ivana Ng.

The three evening festival will be held at the Church For All Nations, 417 West 57th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues in Hell's Kitchen. (www.cfan.net, 212.333.5583). www.cfan.net

Tickets are $15/evening, $12/seniors, and $35 for a three evening pass.

For a complete lineup of artists and their bios, please visit www.hkculturalcenter.org. For reservations and tickets: info@hkculturalcenter.org or call 212.765.8446.


The 'Rhythm in the Kitchen' 2009 Line-Up  Artists' Biographies

Thursday, April 2

7:30 pm: Panel discussion hosted by Mitch Goldman, WKCR-FM Radio

8 pm: Amanda Monaco 3: Sean Conly/ Tony Moreno

(guitar, bass, drums)

9 pm: Little Women: Darius Jones/ Travis LaPlante/ Andrew Smiley/ Jason Nazary
(alto sax, tenor sax, bass, drums)

10 pm: Bern Nix/ Joe McPhee
(guitar, trumpet & tenor saxophone)
Friday, April 3

7:30 pm: Panel discussion hosted by music writer Kurt Gottschalk

8 pm: Ok/Ok: Kyoko Kitamura, Mike McGinnis, Khabu Doug Young

(voice, saxophone & clarinet, ukulele, guitar & cavaquinho)

9 pm: Connie Crothers Quartet: Richard Tabnik, Ken Filiano, Roger Mancuso
(piano, alto sax, bass, drums)

10 pm: Duology: Michael Marcus/ Ted Daniel
(Bb clarinet, trumpet & assorted brass)

11 pm: Matt Lavelle and Morcilla: Andre Martinez, Chris Forbes, Francois Grillot
(trumpet & bass clarinet, congas & percussion, piano, bass)
Saturday, April 4

7:30 pm: Panel discussion hosted by music writer Ivana Ng

8 pm: Andrea Wolper Project: Ken Yamazaki, Fung Chern Hwei, Adam Caine
(vocal, percussion, violin, electric guitar)

9 pm: Tom Hamilton/ Bruce Eisenbeil
(electronics, guitar)

10 pm: William Hooker Trio: DJ Olive/ Jesse Henry
(drums, turntable & electronics, guitar)

11 pm: Angelica Sanchez Trio: Tony Malaby, Tom Rainey
(piano, tenor sax, drums)

Little Women: Darius Jones, Jason Nazary, Travis LaPlante, Andrew Smiley
"...you'll find incredible form and structure and even hints at traditional bebop tonality within Little Women's incredibly dense walls of sound, which effectively separates them from the bulk of free jazz/noise acts..."

Ok/Ok: Kyoko Kitamura, Mike McGinnis, Khabu Doug Young
"Eating Mantis" should prove a feast for listeners with a sense of adventure, a liking for the unpredictable and for compelling, visionary drama in music that expands the mind yet satisfies that basic craving for structure."

William Hooker/DJ Olive:
"Experimental turntable manipulator DJ Olive lends a broad and dynamic palette to William Hooker''s percussive exclamations in the cut and paste style of New York's creative scene."

Angelica Sanchez Trio: Tony Malaby, Tom Rainey
"In her piano playing as well as her compositions Angelica Sanchez seeks out the lyrical heartbeat within any avant-garde storm."

Bern Nix /Joe McPhee:
Since first emerging in the late '60s, Joe McPhee has been heralded as one of jazz's most talented multi-instrumentalists and greatest improvisers. He has also become one of its most emotional and daring composers."
"Hailed as one of the greatest jazz guitarists of our time, Bern Nix was voted among the top ten jazz guitarists poll by Down Beat magazine."

For information about the festival contact info@hkculturalcenter.org